Library Overview


Since 1979, the Library has been developing, preserving and maintaining a unique collection of books, articles, recordings and films, images, and other materials representative of Islamic traditions and heritage. The Library thus supports and furthers the mission of the Institute in the broadest sense whilst serving the specific research and teaching needs of students, researchers and visiting scholars. The Library’s collections comprise some 30,000 items. These include printed materials, from rare imprints to recent monographs.


The Library has grown over the years through a steady programme of new acquisitions, but donations by individuals have been crucial as well. The gift of films, slides and photographs from Mr Amirali Mamdani enriches the Audio-Visuals collection greatly, while the gift of Professor Ali S. Asani from the library of Professor Schimmel of South Asian literature enhances the Reference collection. In addition, the Library seeks and acquires microfilms and photocopies of important texts from libraries and individuals around the world. In its relatively short history, the Library has thus grown into a leading centre and repository for rare and significant resources illustrative of all facets of Ismaili thought and tradition.

Selections of materials from the Library’s collection are showcased in the Gallery.

For further enquiries contact the Library at +44 (0) 20 7756 2714 or via e-mail at