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A Companion to the Muslim World

I.B. Tauris in association with The Institute of Ismaili Studies

ISBN (Hardback): 978184885 193 1

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Author Interview with Dr Amyn B. Sajoo

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What is the extraordinary text that is the Holy Qur’an – and how does it relate to the life and times of Prophet Muhammad? How did a legacy so richly varied in faith, law and civilisation emerge from the message of the Revelation that came to be called ‘Islam’ (or submission to God's will)?

This well researched yet thoroughly accessible book offers a journey into the full range of experiences – past and present, secular and sacred – of the diverse peoples and cultures of the Muslim world. Threads of continuity and change are woven through each chapter to make a coherent narrative, covering a broad variety of themes and topics. Poets, cities and the architecture of mosques are as much a part of the exploration as multiple aspects of scripture, the status of women in the faith, and the emergence of a ‘digital community’ of believers.

In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, understanding what Islam is about and what Muslims believe is a vital concern across all frontiers. A Companion to the Muslim World is an attractive venture by distinguished scholars to contribute toward this urgent process of comprehension.

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About the Contributors xi

List of Illustrations xvii

  1. Introduction 1

Amyn B. Sajoo

  1. The Prophet’s City 25

Reza Aslan

  1. Reading the Quran 55

Abdullah Saeed

  1. Islam in the Plural 87

Amir Hussain

  1. Networks of Solidarity 107

Bruce Lawrence

  1. Women and Social Change 133

Azizah Yahia al-Hibri

  1. Inclusive Governance: A Fatimid Illustration 157

Shainool Jiwa

  1. The Art and Architecture of the Mosque 177

Hasan-Uddin Khan

  1. The Umma in the City 209

Amira K. Bennison

  1. Cultures of Learning 237

Anil Khamis

  1. A Conference of Bards: Rumi to Adonis 263

Raficq Abdulla

  1. The Digital Umma 291

Gary R. Bunt

Index 311

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Content Date: July 2009

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