The Institute actively recruits people of all ages, backgrounds and levels of experience. Whichever area of the Institute you join, you become part of a talented, passionate team of people, working in a diverse environment committed to contributing to the knowledge society. This page outlines some of the key benefits you are entitled to as an employee of The IIS.

The IIS pension scheme

This is a defined contribution scheme run for us by the very well known and reputable Standard Life plc based in Edinburgh. In brief, all employees (with a very limited number of exceptions) join the scheme on the day they start with the IIS. The IIS contributes 5% of salary for the first year of employment, and 10% thereafter. Employees can contribute as much or as little they want, and, to maximise tax and related efficiencies can make their payments through a salary sacrifice method as well.

Employees also join our ‘death in service’ scheme. This is run for us by Canada Life and is free to permanent employees. You join after six month’s employment, and in the unfortunate event of an employee’s death in service then whoever they nominate will receive a sum equal to three times their salary.

Holiday entitlement

All employees start with an allowance of 23 working days (pro rata if they are part-time) which rises to 28 days after five years service. On top of that the Institute is closed for the eight bank or public holidays in the UK, and, we normally close for around two days for religious festivals plus on average three days over the Christmas/New year period, which compares favourably to most UK organisations.

Permanent health insurance

At the moment, we have an arrangement with the company Friends Life for all permanent employees. Once you’ve been with us for six months you can join the scheme. Again, membership is free to the employee. It’s called permanent health insurance - or PHI -  and it protects you, the employee against unforeseen circumstances such as long term illness or disability. If you are unlucky enough to have to make a claim, you will be entitled to receive, via the Institute, 75% of your normal salary, less the single person’s long term state incapacity benefit. (This is presently up to a maximum of £175,000 per individual member.)

Other benefits

After six months of employment we offer annual season ticket loans, and take part in the Kiddivouchers scheme. Like many organisations have an employee assistance programme, which is a confidential telephone advisory service which all staff can access, run for us by workplace options, part of the Friends Life group.

Working patterns at the Institute

The IIS recognises that today many people have caring or other responsibilities outside work. We want our jobs to be open to everyone whatever their circumstances, so to try to help we have a whole set of policies linked to flexible working, part-time working (where we can) leave for a variety of carer and other reasons and so on. Our ‘core hours’ are 11am-3pm to enable people to have later starts or early finishes to their day to allow them to attend, for example, medical or dental appointments, or to reflect on changes in their lives depending on their circumstances. It’s difficult to generalise, as each case is unique, so if anyone has any specific questions it’s best to ask these at interview.

The IIS and professional development

The IIS has a formal annual performance review process every year, which enable every employee, in conjunction with their line manager, to draw up their own personal development plan – or PDP- for that 12 month period. What that means is that you can work through with your line manager the type of development opportunities that you might benefit from which in turn the IIS can either provide, or fund, according to business needs. For academics, we also have a sabbatical programme.

We take learning and development very seriously, and see this as an employee benefit in many ways. We provide some programmes, primarily about management skills in-house, and use our membership of professional organisation such as the leadership foundation to provide other opportunities, and we regularly report on these to our senior management and governors.