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12 décembre 2019

The aim of this two-day workshop that brings together some of the foremost scholars in their fields is not to align itself with any given school or approach, but simply to investigate the complex interplay of scriptures with the esoteric intellectual cultures and spiritualities that they shape.

6 décembre 2019

Sub-Saharan Africa’s engagement with Muslims, the Qur’aninfo-icon and Islam stretches back over several millennia. 

31 octobre 2019
Watch this video lecture by Dr Valerie Gonzalez to learn about the diverse creative forces that led to the formation of a unique Mughal pictorial language.
5 novembre 2019

This work has benefited from a wide body of literature concerning spaces of worship in Islam, and Muslim communities and architecture more broadly.

13 novembre 2019

To mark the advancement of Ismaili studies in the Russian Federation, an exhibition in memory of the great Russian scholar of modern Ismaili studies, Wladimir A. Ivanow, was held in St. Petersburg, Russia, on 11 October 2019.