Civil Society Seminar Series Examines Tajikistan

1 Février 2003

The Institute hosted the second lecture of the Seminar Series entitled “Civil Society in Muslim Contexts” on 26th January, 2001. “Tajikistan: From Civil War to Civil Society?” presented by Dr Shirin Akiner, a Central Asian specialist, explored the forces affecting notions of Tajik identity and contemporary prospects for civil society in the context of the country's recent history. The next seminar in the series will continue to focus on the region: Dr Olivier Roy, Research Director of the National Centre for Social Research, Paris will speak on “Civil Identity in the New Central Asia” on 16th February, 2001.

Other forthcoming seminars in the series include Dr Iftikhar Malik on Pakistan, Dr Ziba Mir-Hosseini on “Civil Society and Gender in Iran,” Professor Abdou Filali-Ansari on the Magreb and Professor Noorani Osman on Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

For information on forthcoming seminars in this series, please refer to the Seminars, Conferences, Public Lectures pages, which will be updated with information on these new seminars as well as conferences and public lectures in which the Institute is participating.

An Extract of Professor Azim Nanji's Introductory Remarks to “Tajikistan: From Civil War to Civil Society?”

Extracts of Dr Amyn B Sajoo's Introductory Remarks to “Tajikistan: From Civil War to Civil Society?”