Uzair Ibrahim
Research Assistant
Area of focus:
  1. Shi'i Islam; intellectual history; South Asian studies; occult; Ismaili history; Satpanth studies; religious studies; secularism studies


Currently a Research Assistant in the South Asian Studies Unit at the IIS, Uzair recently completed his MA at SOAS, University of London, where he focused on Islam and South Asia. He is working on an annotated bibliography of Ismaili sources in Urdu, Sindhi, and Punjabi. He also serves as a teaching assistant on the Institute's Graduate Programme in Islamic Studies and Humanities, from which he graduated in 2020. He arrived at the IIS from Habib University, Pakistan, where he obtained a BSc (Honors) in Social Development and Policy.

Uzair is also an incoming PhD candidate in Islamic Studies at the University of Exeter, for which he has been awarded the IIS Doctoral Scholarship. His research interests include Shiʿi Islam, metaphysics and the occult, intellectual history, poetry, British colonialism in South Asia, as well as critical religious and secularism studies. He tweets @uzairibrahim_.