The Name of this Association shall be “The Institute of Ismaili Studies Alumni Association”, which shall herein be referred to as ‘the Association’.

Article II — Objectives of the Association

To encourage Alumni to maintain links with The Institute of Ismaili Studies (IIS) and with each other in order to:

a. Establish and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship between the IIS and its alumni.
b. Provide a forum for the alumni to come together to share experiences, learn from each other, and develop their own careers through networking.
c. Support and contribute to IIS’ work through advice, consultancy, assistance with recruitment of students and faculty, or any other means.
d. Develop linkages with other professional alumni bodies (e.g., AKU alumni association, Ismaili Student Associations) for mutual benefit (such as research) and collaborative programming.
e. Develop informal links with Jamati and AKDN Institutions with a view to supporting their programmes and activities, as and when appropriate and relevant.

The Association shall not operate for profit or financial gain.

Article III — Central Office

The central office of the Association will be based at The Institute of Ismaili Studies, 210 Euston Road, London,  NW1 2DA, United Kingdom.

Article IV — Executive Committee

This committee will consist of members from various relevant departments of the IIS including the Director, who would chair the Committee, the Associate Director, the Head of the Department of Human Resource Services, the Head of the Department for Graduate Studies, the Head of the Department of Community Relations, the Head of the Department of Operations, Finance and Development and the Alumni Relations Coordinator. They will have the final decision on all affairs of the Association. The Alumni Relations Coordinator will be in charge of the database and all administrative tasks that may arise from the Committee. The Presidents of the Chapter Groups (see below) would serve as ex-officio members of this Committee.

Article V — Membership

Section 1 - Regular Membership

The following shall be members of the Association:

  • Graduates of the Waezeen and Teacher Education Programme
  • Graduates of the Collaborative IIS-Mc Gill programme
  • Graduates of the Curriculum Writing Programme at the Institute of Education
  • Graduates of the current Graduate Programme in Islamic Studies and Humanities
  • Graduates of the current Secondary Teacher Education Programme

Section 2 - Informal Participation

The Chapter Group may invite anyone to participate in their meetings, subject to prior confirmation from the Central Executive Committee.

Article VI — Chapters & Branches

Regional Chapters

Any 25 members of the Association residing in a given region may form a Regional Chapter of the IIS Alumni Association with the approval of the Central Executive Committee and within the by-laws of the Association.

These Regional Chapters may function and be governed by a Regional Committee consisting of a President and Secretary who will be nominated by members of the Regional Chapters and/or the Central Executive Committee. The Central Executive Committee would, at its sole discretion, approve a final list of nominees. The President and Secretary would then be elected, from amongst the confirmed slate of candidates, by a simple majority vote of the members of the Chapter Group and validated by the Central Executive Committee. These office bearers shall hold office for a period of one year, with elections held every July.

Local Branches

Any 10 members of the Association residing in a given locality (city, province etc.) may form a local branch of the IIS Alumni Association with the approval of the Regional Chapter and the Central Executive Committee.

Such local branches may function and be governed by a locally elected committee providing their activities do not conflict with the by-laws of the Association.

The Regional Chapters and local branches of the Association will submit regular reports of their activities to the Central Executive Committee for information.

Article VII — Publications

The IIS Alumni Association shall endeavour to publish an annual Newsletter, known as the IIS Alumni Newsletter with the help of the Publications Unit based at the IIS. This will be subject to the policies approved by the Institute’s Board.

Article VIII — Meetings

Section 1 - Reunion meetings

Alumni reunions will be held at the IIS every three years. Regional Chapter reunions shall be held annually, time and place to be determined by the group.

Section 2 - Local meetings

Local branch meetings may be held as and when convenient to the concerned members and organisers. Information about such gatherings shall be passed on to the Alumni Relations Coordinator for inclusion in the IIS Alumni Newsletter.

Article IX — Programmes

The Regional or Local Chapter Groups would submit an annual plan of activities to the Central Executive Committee by 30th September of each year. Only those activities that are confirmed by the Central Executive Committee may be implemented by the Chapter Groups under its banner. Any corresponding funding requirements would be subject to the approval of the Institute’s Board.

Article X — Finances

The Regional or Local Chapter Groups may not raise funds, internally or externally. Fund-recovery for specific programmes and activities may be undertaken with the prior consent of the Central Executive Committee.

Article XI — Adoption

An affirmative vote of the majority of the membership attending the meeting of the Association at which these By-Laws are considered shall be required for their adoption, and they shall become effective immediately upon adoption.

Article XII — Amendments

These By-laws may be amended in any of the following ways: (a) a two-thirds vote of all the members replying to a mailed ballot, provided that the substance of the proposed amendment has been mailed to the membership 45 days prior to adoption; or (b) a two-thirds vote of the members present at any regularly and properly called meeting of the Association provided that the membership has been given 14 days notice of the meeting and that the amendment be available for review by active members 14 days prior to the adoption. Once adopted by the membership, the amendments must be ratified by the Central Executive Committee before they take effect.