Enrichment sessions

Enrichment Sessions at the IIS

There are further elements of STEP, designed and delivered by the IIS, which are not part of the accredited modules for the MA and PGDip. Nevertheless, these enrichments are an important and mandatory element of the programme in terms of preparing participants to return to their home countries and take up their posts as STEP teachers.

Teaching and Learning

Occasional Teaching and Learning sessions delivered at the IIS complement and further enhance Teaching and Learning provision, gained through PGDip at the UCL Institute of Education (IOE), in order to engage in the exercise of secondary classroom delivery in RECs.

Research Methods

Research study for the MA is desk-based (or, secondary research), which involves identifying and carrying out a systematic review, evaluation and analysis of existing secondary source material and data sets. It entails a systematic investigation by students of an approved topic of their choice, and is aimed at developing a student’s expertise in a specific field as related to the broader aims of the IIS’ Secondary Curriculum. Engagement with the design, application and evaluation of the research study will equip students with core proficiencies to support ongoing professional development. Students will be exposed to a range of sessions to help them develop key practical and analytical skills and approaches required for writing a professionallevel research paper, including: selecting a topic and formulating a specific research question; identifying and carrying out a systematic review of secondary source material; analyses and synthesis of data sets; and presenting results in a written form according to highest academic standards. 

Induction into the Field

During the final term of the second year of study, all graduating students will receive sessions aimed to support their transition from full-time students to full time STEP teachers. It considers the roles and responsibilities, anxieties and expectations of a newly qualified teacher and how they might differ to that of an experienced teacher. Using the experiences of experienced STEP teachers from the field, students will learn about the day to day realities of teaching as well as working within the context of an ITREB structure. The sessions also discuss the wider mandate of ITREB and how that corresponds to the work of the IIS. In doing so, it articulates the mandate and philosophy of STEP and how it seeks to add value to the formation of the Ismaili Community. Students will also be given an insight into the nature of the collaboration between the IIS and ITREB, and how they will continue to be supported by both institutions
after their graduation.