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Important Notice:

The Secondary Teacher Education Programme is on hiatus for one year (academic year 2018-19).

Further information will be available in July 2018.



The Secondary Teacher Education Programme (STEP) was founded in 2007 with a view to develop educators to teach the Institute’s Secondary Curriculum in a way that inspires  and motivates secondary students. Since then, it has been  evaluated and developed annually to ensure that the programme is fit for purpose and meets the ever-changing needs of students and communities on the ground.
While incremental changes and improvements have been made regularly, a significant restructuring of the programme is forthcoming for those cohorts joining in 2017 and beyond.  The programme is now being revised to greatly increase STEP students’ practical classroom skills and teaching experience for when they go on to teach in the field and for their longterm development that goes beyond the mandatory three years in the field post-graduation.
The STEP programme consists of two awards, the MA in Education, Muslim Societies and Civilisations which remains unchanged. The second award, the Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Reflective Practice (PGDip), a bespoke
programme specifically designed, by UCL Institute of Education (UCL IOE) in partnership with the IIS, with the needs of the students, the ITREBs who employ them, and the communities they serve in mind, will be a key part of the new STEP, and will replace the existing MTeach qualification.
In restructuring the programme, the two institutions looked at the ever-evolving educational and social environments within which STEP operates and gathered feedback from previous and current STEP students, ITREBs and other stakeholders.  The feedback has led to a re-conceptualisaiton of STEP, through which we have developed a new curriculum, being piloted in 2017-18.
The overall structure of the programme will be:
The PGDip will be specifically customised to the needs of STEP students, and will provide a coherent education programme based on the following aims:
  • To provide sustained and well-supported teaching practice alongside academic engagement with theories and policies that underpin professional best practice;
  • To instil practical teaching skills, critical thinking and academic exploration skills for STEP students’ long-term development;
  • To promote critical reflection as a basis for personal continuous professional development; To develop participants' understanding of contextualising curricula and transferring theories and practical strategies from one context to another;
  • To encourage critical engagement with communities of practice within participants' own settings, but also within the wider educational context.
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