STEP Faculty

STEP Faculty

The faculty is comprised of lecturers who have made a significant contribution to scholarship and are engaged in innovative research projects in their respective fields. The current lecturers include IIS, IOE and visiting scholars from leading international academic institutions.

Professor Afzal Ahmed – Teaching, Learning and Assessment; Lifelong Learning; Communication and Teaching Subjects through Art Forms.

Dr Omar Ali-De-Unzaga (IIS) – Qur’aninfo-icon; Qur’anic Exegesis; Tafsir.

Mr Hasan Al-Khoee (IIS) – Arabic Public Oratory in the Early Muslim Period.

Dr Nuha Al-Shaar (IIS) – Classical Arabic literature and thought; Ethics in Muslim traditions; Qur’anic exegesis.

Mr Barry Arnold (IOE) – Curriculum Development, Mentor Training, Education Policy and Inequality.

Professor Ali Asani (Harvard) – Indo-Muslim and Islamic Religion and Cultures.

Ms Liz Austin (IIS) – Academic literacies and skills development; curriculum design; testing.

Ms Rosa Barugh (IIS) – Global Ethics; Postgraduate Teaching; International Teaching and International Programmes.

Dr Karen Bauer (IIS) – The Qur’an and its interpretive tradition (tafsir); Gender in Islamic history and thought; Emotions and emotional rhetoric in Islamic history.

Ms Kate Boldry (IOE) – Subject Specific Pedagogy Embedding Social Justice in Classroom Practice Wellbeing and Inclusion.

Mr Alan Bright (Goldsmiths & IOE) – Active Learning in the Classroom: Object-based Learning: Reflection and Learning.

Dr Stephen Burge (IIS) – Hadithinfo-icon Studies; Hermeneutics; Qur’anic Exegesis; Literary Theory.

Dr Alessandro Cancian (IIS) – Shi’i Sufisminfo-icon; Twelver Shi’ism; Mystical exegesis of the Qur’an; Anthropology of Islam.

Dr Farhad Daftary (IIS) – Ismaili History; Shi’i Studies; Shi’i Intellectual History.

Dr Dagi Dagiev (IIS) – Regime Transitions in Central Asia; Democratisation, Nationalism and Islam; Shi’i and Ismaili Studies.

Dr Maria De Cillis (IIS) – Islamic Philosophy; Shi’i Studies; Islamic Theology.

Dr Zamira Dildorbekova (IIS) – Islam in Central Asia; Ismaili Studies; Curriculum Development; Research Methods.

Dr Christopher Edwards (IOE) – The production of history education curriculum knowledge; culture wars; critical pedagogies and constructivist learning theory.

Dr Hakim Elnazarov (IIS) – Central Asian Studies; Islam in Central Asia; Ismaili Studies.

Dr Fârès Gillon (IIS) – Ismaili thought, Fatimid Ismailism, Shi’i Islam, Islamic Philosophy, Qur’anic Exegesis, Heterodoxies in Islam.

Dr Karim Gulamali (IIS) – Religious Education; Teacher Education.

Dr Laila Halani (IIS) – Anthropology; Gender; Ismailis in Modern times; Contemporary Islamic movements.

Dr Nazmin Halani (IIS) – Education; Religious Education; Curriculum Development.

Mr Faheem Hussain (IIS) – Sensory History; Influence of state policies on history textbooks; Adolescent moral development.

Dr Abdulmamad Iloliev (IIS) – Central Asian Studies; Islamic mysticism; Ismaili devotional literature; Islamic popular culture.

Dr Nadia Eboo Jamal – Islamic Studies; Persian history and culture in the period of Mongol rule.

Dr Reza Shah-Kazemi – Sufism; Qu’ranic Exegesis.

Dr Shainool Jiwa (IIS) – Ismaili History and Thought; Fatimidsinfo-icon.

Ms Sophie Kerslake (IOE) – Classroom Based Action Research; Developing Innovation in Education; Curriculum Development; Mentor Training.

Dr Tullio Lobetti (IIS) – Philosophy of Religion; Hermeneutics and Epistemology; Theory in the Study of Religions.

Ms Farah Manji (IIS) – Muslim Societies & Civilisations; Curriculum Development; Teaching & Learning; Mentorship.

Dr Toby Mayer (IIS) – Muslim Philosophy; Esoteric Scriptural Exegesis; Mysticism; Qur’anic Hermeneutics.

Dr Orkhan Mir-Kasimov (IIS) – Shi’i Islam; Islamic Mysticism and Messianism.

Dr Gurdofarid Miskinzoda (IIS) – Shi’i Islam; Early Islam; Muslim Historical and Literary Tradition.

Dr Farouk Mitha (Victoria) – Teaching Shakespeare in Secondary Schools; Muslim Intellectual History; Curriculum Development in the Humanities.

Dr Farid Panjwani (UCL) – Philosophy of Education; Contemporary Education in Muslim Societies; Religious Education.

Dr Daryoush Mohammad Poor (IIS) – Shi’i Intellectual History; Ismaili Philosophy; Contemporary Political Theory.

Dr Maryam Rezaee (IIS) – Shi’i Studies; Women and Development; Cultural Studies; Gender; Social Policies; Research Methods.

Mr Riaz Rhemtulla (IIS) – Teacher Education; Religious Education; Curriculum Development and Implementation.

Ms Alexis Stones (IOE) – Sacred Art; Museum Education and Theatre-in-Education.

Dr Amier Saidula (IIS) – Islam in China; Ismaili Studies.

Dr Farouk Topan (AKU) – Oral and Written African Literature; Swahili Culture, Spirit Possession, and Islam in East Africa.

Dr Roy Wilson (IIS) – Applied Language Studies; International English Language Teaching; Academic literacy.

Dr Farah Zeb (IIS) – Gender & Contemporary Islam; Islamic Studies.