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Asia Institute, University of Melbourne

The National Centre for Contemporary Islamic Studies (NCCIS), part of the Asia Institute at the University of Melbourne, aims to advance knowledge and understanding of the rich traditions and modern complexities of Islam. Its research, teaching and community engagement agenda aims to be at the forefront of responding to Australian and regional needs. Centre staff provide expertise to government, national and international organisations on matters related to contemporary Islam.

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Understanding Shariainfo-icon: Islamic Law in a Globalised World (Bloomsbury, 2018)

Sharia has been a source of misunderstanding and misconception in both the Muslim and non-Muslim worlds. This book sets out to explore the reality of sharia, contextualising its development in the early centuries of Islam and showing how it evolved in line with historical and social circumstances. The authors, Raficq S. Abdulla and Mohamed M. Keshavjee, both British-trained lawyers, argue that sharia and the positive law flowing from it, known as fiqhinfo-icon, have never been an exclusive legal system or a fixed set of beliefs. Learn more about the book.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

































































IIS Short Course: Shari’a: Development of Fiqh and Ethics in Muslim Contexts

This interactive course (taking place online in 2021) is designed for individuals in leadership roles within Jamati and Imamatinfo-icon institutions, educators, professionals and others interested in learning about this theme. The course provides an understanding on how what has come to be called sharia developed and evolved in Muslim history. Taught by specialists from different schools of thought in Islam, it focuses on contemporary manifestations and interpretations of sharia through an analysis of case studies. Learn more about the short course.