April 2018

27th April 2018

The graduation ceremony for the ninth cohort of the Institute’s Secondary Teacher Education Programme (STEP) was held on 7 April 2018 at The Ismaili Centre, London.

26th April 2018

In response to a need for reliable, balanced and accessible books on Islam, this series is aimed at non-specialists readers seeking to learn about lived expressions of Islam within the context of the global Ismaili community, and beyond.

This talk will highlight two key dynamics within Sufisminfo-icon today that emerged in developing an introductory text to Sufism and then a volume on contemporary Sufism.

In the contemporary context, the Qur’an continues to act as an abiding source of inspiration and guidance for Muslims. As in the past, it is also the subject of wide-ranging discussions among Muslims on how it is to be understood and applied in the context of current times. The new Secondary Curriculum module aims to equip STEP teachers and students with tools of studying the Qur’an which will give them insight into its diverse interpretations in Islamic traditions, including Shia Ismaili perspectives on revelation.    

This lecture will present some ambiguous passages of the text in which traces of early Shi‘i ideas can still be detected despite their Fatimid rewriting.

10th April 2018
This lecture by Dr Omar Ali-de- Unzaga gives a glimpse into the multitude of interpretations of the Qur’an that have been in coexistence for more than a thousand years.