June 2018

27th June 2018

On 26 June, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales inaugurated the Aga Khaninfo-icon Centre in the presence of His Highness the Aga Khan. Among the guests were the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan and the Minister of State for the Commonwealth and United Nations, Lord Ahmad.

25th June 2018

Proclaimed publicly in the Abbasid capital in 402 AH / 1011 CE, and subsequently read out across the Abbasid lands, the principal purpose of Baghdad manifesto was to invalidate the Alid lineage of the Fatimidsinfo-icon and thus their claim to be the descendants of the Prophet, through his daughter, Fatima, and Shi‘i Imam and fourth caliph (d. 661).

">Ali b. Abi Talib; and by these means to render illegitimate their claim to be vested with the sole legitimate, universalist authority and leadership of the Islamic world.

14th June 2018

IIS moves to its new premises, at the Aga Khaninfo-icon Centre in the heart of London's Knowledge Quarter in July 2018

STEP Faculty The faculty is comprised of lecturers who have made a significant contribution to scholarship and are engaged in innovative research projects in their respective fields. The current lecturers include IIS, IOE and visiting scholars from leading international academic institutions.