November 2021

The practice of remote ziyāra, whereby a devotee visits an imām’s tomb not through physical pilgrimage but by reciting a pilgrimage litany, appears in the earliest Twelver literature on ziyāra.

23rd November 2021

The exhibition follows the pioneering Russian scholar of Islam, Wladimir Ivanow (1886-1970), across the Muslim world.

15th November 2021
In October 2020, Karen Bauer and Feras Hamza interviewed the renowned feminist amina wadud about verses 4.34 (on spousal relations), 4.1 (on the creation of humankind) and 24.31 (on the veil).
18th November 2021

This original contribution to Safavid Studies summarises and discusses the complex philosophies of three of the most prominent philosophers from 17th-century Iran – Mīr Dāmād, Mullā Ṣadrā, and Rajab ʿAlī Tabrīzī – and makes a new case for Mullā Ṣadrā as pioneering a distinctive philosophy that is apart from what is now understood as the 'school of Isfahan'.

12th November 2021
This paper focuses on the Alawi Bohra community in Vadodara, Gujarat, and their khizānat al-kutub, or treasury of books.
4th November 2021

Fatimid Cosmopolitanism: History, Material Culture, Politics, and Religion will run online on 6-9 December 2021.

4th November 2021

In this interview the authors of An Anthology of Qur'anic Commentaries, Vol. 2: On Women discuss their groundbreaking new book and the social urgency of its theme.

4th November 2021

We are very pleased to announce the publication of a landmark anthology that explores a critical and contentious theme: women in the Qur’aninfo-icon and Qur’anic interpretation.