Latest Additions

28th June 2021
Making Paradise is the latest exhibition at the Aga Khaninfo-icon Centre Gallery. In this interview, its curator Esen Salma Kaya gives an insight into the multi-sensory show.
14th June 2021

The Islamic Gardens at King’s Cross were one of 15 across the UK capital chosen to feature in London Open Gardens’ virtual event. 

9th June 2021

We are delighted to announce that Professor Farid Panjwani and Dr Arifinfo-icon Jamal have been appointed to senior management positions in two renowned academic institutions.

26th May 2021
In this video, Dr Farhad Daftary speaks about how this book builds on decades of research, and represents an important contribution to the Ismaili community.
25th May 2021

The Institute sponsored the panel "Ismaili Thought: Between Neoplatonism and Aquinas" at the conference, this year titled “Philosophy in the Abrahamic Traditions: Structures of Being, World and Mind”.

18th May 2021
To understand the formation of Twelver Shiʿism, we must understand the ways in which the authority of the traditional four agents and other community leaders was contested.

This lecture will present how the authors of literary sources of history constructed their narratives of scholarly apostasy in accordance with their own sectarian and political affiliations - and the juridical procedure at play.

6th May 2021

Russell Harris, Audiobook Production Manager for the new World of Islam title by Dr Stephen Burge, reports from the recording studio on how the team brought the book to life.