Latest Additions

6th April 2021

In the second in our series of student blogs, first-year STEP student Nazia Sajid Karmali talks about finding her IIS family.

1st April 2021

The Silk Road: A Living History, an open-air photography exhibition documenting Christopher Wilton-Steer’s journey along the historic trade route, opens in King’s Cross on April 8th.

25th March 2021
Watch Dr Wissam Halawi (University of Lausanne) speak about the origins and later history of Druzism, which in its early development, parted from mainstream Fatimid doctrine.
17th March 2021

The IIS’s new Board of Governors met staff and shared their early plans for the Institute on March 5th in an online town hall. 

15th March 2021

Second-year students on the Graduate Programme in Islamic Studies and Humanities (GPISH) presented their MA dissertation research proposals on March 2nd.