Organised by the Chautauqua Institution’s Department of ReligionSummer 2002

The Chautauqua Assembly, later known as the Chautauqua Institution, was founded by John Heyl Vincent and Lewis Miller in 1874. It quickly achieved prominence as a national forum on public issues, international relations, literature and science. In 1999, the Institution inaugurated the Abrahamic Initiative, now known as the Abrahamic Program to play an active role in the religious education of North American culture and to demonstrate what it means to live in and respond to contemporary religious pluralism

The 2002 lecture series is intended to act as a primer on Islam and is presented by Karen Armstrong, who will spend the summer season as Chautauqua’s 'theologian in residence.’ Each of the nine weeks will present Islam through a different lens and will be conducted by an eminent scholar in the field.

“Understanding Islam”

Week 1

“Islam and Beauty”Professor Azim Nanji Director, The Institute of Ismaili StudiesJune 28, 2002

Week 2

“Love as Understood and Lived Through Islam”Professor Gulzar HaiderDirector, School of Architecture, Carleton UniversityJuly 5, 2002

Week 3

“Islam on Justice and Mercy”Professor Azizah al-HibriProfessor of Law, TC Williams School of Law, University of RichmondJuly 12, 2002

Week 4

“Islam and Education”
Dr Laila al-Marayati
Spokesperson and past president, Muslim Women’s League, Los Angeles
July 19, 2002
Week 5 “Contemporary Issues in Modern Islam”
Professor Vali Nasr
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of California
July 26, 2002

Week 6

“Pluralism, Intolerance and the Qur’an
Professor Ali Asani
Professor of Indo-Muslim Languages and Culture, Harvard University
August 2, 2002
Week 7 “Islam and Mysticism”
Dr Vincent Cornell
Professor of History and Director, King Fahd Middle East Studies Program, University of Arkansas
August 9, 2002
Week 8 “Islam and Modernity”
Professor Sulayman Nyang
Professor of African Studies, Howard University
August 16, 2002
Week 9 “Islamic Spirituality”
Raficq Abdulla
University Secretary and legal advisor, Kingston University
August 23, 2002