The Joseph interfaith Foundation in association with:Dept. of Religions and Theology: The University of ManchesterInstitute of Arab and Islamic Studies: The University of Exeter

Judaism and Islam: Dialectics of a Veiled CourtshipAn Exploration of Jewish-Muslim Intellectual Interactions; 9th-13th Centuries

Tuesday 3rd June 2008, 9:00am-5:00pmBrunei Gallery, School of Oriental and African Studies, London

 Language and Revelation: Development of philology and grammar and their centrality in textual exegesisProfessor Philip AlexanderUniversity of Manchester Dr Timothy WinterUniversity of CambridgeChair: Professor Mona Siddiqui University of Glasgow

 Sectarianism versus Orthodoxy: Establishment of dogma and promotion of religious homogeneity

Dr Amira Bennison
University of Cambridge
Professor Marc Saperstein  
Leo Baeck College, London
Chair: Rabbi Dr Norman Solomon
Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies (retired)

• Uniformity in Religion: Development of liturgy and ritual as means of unification of religious communities

Dr Sajjad Rizvi University of ExeterRabbi Jonathan Wittenberg Rabbi of the New North London SynagogueChair: Dr Jeremy SchonfieldLeo Baeck College, London

• Theology:The polarity of reason and literalism in scriptural hermeneutics

Professor Bernard Jackson University of Manchester Dr Toby Mayer The Institute of Ismaili Studies, LondonChair: Dr Basil Mustafa Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies

• Maimonides and Ibn Rushd: The hegemony of the scholar as a religious leader

Professor Azim Nanji
The Institute of Ismaili Studies, London 
Professor Oliver Leaman
University of Kentucky, USA 
Chair: Professor Mona Siddiqui
University of Glasgow

 Mysticism: The challenges of antinomianism to religious asceticism

Professor Paul FentonLa Sorbonne, Universite de Paris Dr Leonard LewisohnUniversity of ExeterChair: Dr Sajjad RizviUniversity of Exeter

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