The Bible and the Quran in Ismaili Sources

An Academic Panel organised by the Quranic Studies Unit of The Institute of Ismaili Studies together with the Society of Biblical Literature

6th July 2011, 8.30 - 11.30am
Room 1.60 - Franklin Wilkins
King’s College London, Waterloo Campus
57 Waterloo Road

  • Panel Organisers:
    Omar Ali-de-Unzaga, The Institute of Ismaili Studies, UK
    Michael Pregill, Elon University, USA
  • Panel Chair:
    Omar Ali-de-Unzaga, The Institute of Ismaili Studies, UK
  • Panel Members:
    • Paul E. Walker, University of Chicago, USA
      Early Ismaili Attitudes to the Religion and Scripture of Christians and Jews
    • David Hollenberg, University of Oregon, USA
      The Nature of Fatimid Universalism: Ja‘far ibn Mansur al-Yaman’s ta’wil of non-Islamic Sources
    • Daniel De Smet, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France
      Jan Van Reeth, The Faculty for Comparative Study of Religions, Belgium
      The Isma‘ili da‘i Hamid al-din al-Kirmani (d. ca. 1021) Quoting the Bible in Syriac and Hebrew: His Sources and Purposes