Venue: Brunei Gallery Auditorium, SOAS, Russell Square, LondonDate: 17th -18th September 2005

Nasir Khusraw, the Ismaili da’i, will be the subject of discussion at a public conference in London. Organized by the Institute of Ismaili Studies and the Iran Heritage Foundation, the conference focuses on Nasir Khusraw’s poetry, examining both his poetic artistry and his ideas. The conference convener is Alice Hunsberger, author of ‘Nasir Khusraw, The Ruby of Badakhchan’, and speakers will come from, Iran, Germany, Russia, Tajikistan, United Kingdom and the USA. Many speakers have been affiliated with the Institute of Ismaili Studies, either as professors, visiting scholars or students.

Enquiries and registration: 020 74934766, Additional information, programme & registration fee: