The Summer Programme on Islam: For Ismailis in media, diplomacy, government and associated fields
14th – 19th August 2012
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

The six-day residential programme on Islam has been specially designed for Jamati professionals who are working in the fields of diplomacy, judiciary, government, social policy, media and journalism. All applicants must have proficiency in English, an undergraduate degree and work experience in their relevant field.

The programme aims to:

  1. Provide participants with the knowledge, perspectives and tools, which will enable them to develop a civilisational approach to the understanding of Islam and of Muslim societies.
  2. Situate the Ismaili tariqah within the larger Shi‘i and Sunni contexts of the intellectual, historical, and cultural development of Muslim societies.
  3. Raise questions, reflect upon and engage in discussion on contemporary issues facing Muslim societies and diasporic Muslim communities.
  4. Provide a forum in which participants and faculty can develop the appropriate frameworks and vocabulary to engage with the issues explored above


Through a series of discussions on salient issues that impact Muslims today, this programme will seek to develop an informed understanding of the factors that have influenced the historical developments and contemporary expressions of Islam which continue to shape contemporary Muslim societies. Among the themes that the programme will touch on are the following: approaches to the study of Islam; the historical importance and contemporary relevance of the Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad; situating Imamat as a model of authority and leadership in the Muslim tradition; law and its Muslim contexts; contemporary landscape of the Muslim ummah; and the Aga Khan Development Network as an Imamat endeavour to realise the social conscience of Islam.