Sunday 11th August 2013

Afternoon - Encountering Islam

Kenduri in Southeast Asia

Siapno, Jennifer Aquino, “Kenduri: Collective Work and Service” in Gender, Nationalism and the State in Aceh, Routledge Curzon, 2002, pp. 127-129.

Faiz’s blog

Video - Bacaan Doa Selamat at Kenduri on 27th May 2012


Music in Muslim Shrines Act, 1942

Think Africa Press - Singing, spirituality and Islam: If music be the food of love

Video - Bi Kidude singing Ahmad Umelewa (Ahmad you are drunk)

Monday 12th August 2013

Morning - The Built Environment of Muslim Civilisation: Expression through Art and Architecture

**workshop material to be shared on site**

Afternoon - Depicting the Prophet


Q&A: Depicting the Prophet Muhammad

Moderates, too, were hurt by sacrilegious cartoons

BBC video – Roger Koeppel from Die Welt discusses why his paper had chosen to reprint images of Prophet Muhammad with Muslim leader Asghar Bukhari


Aasia Bibi’s case: Weighed down by guilt, blasphemy accuser mulls pulling back

CBN video – Interview of Asia’s husband and children

Tuesday 13th August 2013

Morning - Scripture and Revelation

Qur’an Burning in Florida and Afghanistan

Qur’an Burning Protests: Two US soldiers shot dead by Afghan colleague

CNN video – Qur’an Burning with Terry Jones

CNN video – Fareed Zakaria: The Take: Qur’an burning

The Origins of the Qur’an

Martyrs, Virgins and Grapes

Video– The oldest Qur’anic manuscripts

Afternoon - Muslim Values and Ethics

Calling for a new interpretation: Islamic law & ethics — Qantara (August 2012)

Video: Emory University - What is bioethics?

Aga Khan University Patient Rights and Responsibilities Code

Organ donation in Islam — NHS Guide (UK)

Video - Iran’s Organ Programme

First UK Opt-Out Scheme on organs (June 2013)

Majority of religious people support assisted suicide — poll (Apr 2013)

Wednesday 14th August 2013

Morning - Post-Prophetic Institutions: The Sunni Ideal

Re-establishing the caliphate?

The Caliphate Myth

Al Qaeda wants to establish 7000 km wide African caliphate —Freed UN envoy

Egyptians call for Sharia Law, Islamic caliphate

Negotiating Sunnah

Too strictly Sunnah?

Qur'an only Islam - Why it is not possible

Video - Smile its Sunnah

Video - Revive the Sunnah of the Khu-fain

Clinging to the ropes of the faith

Afternoon - Post-Prophetic Institutions: The Continuation of Charisma

Intra-faith unity

Intra-faith code of honour

Building Shia-Sunni unity this Ramadan

Shias and Sunnis

UN approached over targeted killings of Pakistani Shias

Syria: A new battlefield for Shias and Sunnis

The International Islamic Conference 2005

The Amman Message

Letter from His Highness the Aga Khan – International Islamic Conference 2005

Are Shias Muslim?

Al-Azhar verdict on the Shia

Thursday 15th August 2013

Morning - The Journey Within

Destruction of shrines

Suicide bombers strike Sufi shrine in Pakistan

Bomb blast in Pakpattan kills four, injures 13: Yet another shrine comes under attack

Timbuktu shrine destruction 'a war crime'

Al Jazeera video – Sufis under attack in Pakistan

Sufi Practices

Video - Magal 2010: Ziars to Touba

Video - Sufi Muslim Doc in Senegal, "Touba"

The annual trek to Touba

Video - Sufi: Singing and dancing when making dhikr

A whirling Sufi revival with unclear implications

Afternoon - Exploring the Diversity within the Ismaili Traditions
**workshop materials to be provided in due course**
Friday 16th August 2013

Morning - Law in Muslim Contexts

Fatwas on women in high heels, working and driving

Fatwas of Ibn Baz: Ruling on a female driving a car

Allowing women drivers in Saudi Arabia will be 'end of virginity'

Son of former Saudi Mufti expresses liberal views

Saudi preacher slams women cashiers

Shaykh Muhammad al-Munajjid: What is the ruling on women wearing high heels?

Al Jazeera video – Saudi women defy ban to take driver’s seat

Women 'banned from shopping alone' in northern Pakistan

Polio vaccination

Muslim cleric says polio vaccine is against Islam-Pakistan”

Nigeria's struggle to beat polio

Muslim scholars fight to dispel polio vaccination myths in Pakistan

NDTV video – Fatwa against polio in Lucknow

Pakistan battles polio and its people’s mistrust

Afternoon - From the Historical to the Modern


Nationalism, Secularism and Religion

With Israel set to draft ultra-Orthodox Jews, those already in service face ire

Video – American girl, 8, is target of ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel

Why the Turkish protests matter to the West

Turkish and Arab political Islam ‘differ in secularism’

Colonial Boundaries, Nation-States and Minorities

The nation is made of these

The fault line between Pashtuns and Punjabis in Pakistan

Saturday 17th August 2013

Morning - Contemporary Muslim Landscape

Republic of Iran

Huffington Post – The Erotic Republic of Iran? Not Really

Foreign Policy – Erotic Republic

Paradoxes of Arab Refo-Lutions

Egypt Revolution

Egypt: Coup d’Etat, Act II

Informed Comment – Egypt’s ‘Revocouption’ and the future of democracy on the Nile

Jadaliyya – Midwife for a pregnant Egypt

Afternoon - Islamophobia and Westophobia

Islamophobia in the US

New Strategy for Ground Zero mosque

Mosque in Tennessee (includes an audio clip)

Islamophobia in Europe

Swiss ban the building of minarets

RT video clip – Swissed-off: Outrage as ‘minaret ban’ scandal flares up

Video clip – Tariq Ramadan: Integration & Pluralism

Veiling in France, Turkey, and Egypt (includes a video clip)

Iranophobia/ Shiaphobia

Argo is wrong

Iran Regime Charges U.S. Is Stoking “Iran Phobia”