Abu Ya‘qub Ishaq b. Ahmad al-Sijistani

The second known extant copy of this major philosophical treatise by one of the most influential early Ismaili thinkers. Possibly the largest among al-Sijistani‘s works and like most of his others, it is strongly influenced by Neoplatonism. According to Hamid al-Dininfo-icon al-Kirmani (d. after 411/1020), the composition of al-Maqalid  follows chronologically that of Kitab al-Nusra which al-Sijistani wrote in support of Muhammad b. Ahmad al-Nasafi (d.332/943), whofirst masterminded the adaptation of Neoplatonism to Ismailism, against the position of Abu Hatim al-Razi (d.322/934-5). The work is divided into seventy iqlids and centres around cosmology. In particular it elaborates on the Word (kalimainfo-icon) or Command (amr) as intermediary between the Originator (mubdi‘) and the Intellect (‘aqlinfo-icon).


ca. 390/999
28 Safar 1359/6 April 1940.

 209 leaves; 16 lines per page; 219 x 140/170 x 95 mm.; clear black naskhi; rare corrections in the margins.

Zahid Ali
Abu Ya‘qub Ishaq b. Ahmad al-Sijistani

Kitab al-Maqalid

Arl, ZA


Muhammad b. Yahya al-Yamani.