Audiovisual Collection

The printed text has existed for over 500 years. In the last few decades, an exciting new world of multimedia materials has also burgeoned. The IIS-ISMC Joint Library has been creating a collection of these materials that seeks to illustrate the cultures and traditions of Muslim communities around the world. Documentary material is available in the form of educational and feature films covering a wide range of themes and regions of the Muslim world, including Afghanistan, Iran, Egypt, Central Asia, Morocco and Tunisia, as well as Muslim diaspora communities in Europe and North America.

The Library’s film collection consists of 500 + titles in various languages, including Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Hindi, Turkish, English and German. The film collections of both Institutes have been re-classified and merged into a single location of open shelves on the lower ground floor.

Catalogue link to our Film Collection

In addition to the collection of videographic materials, also available are audio recordings from the Holy Qur’aninfo-icon performed by professional reciters of various traditions and styles. In addition to this, Qawwali music from the Indian subcontinent, Sufi music from Iran and Turkey, as well as Gnawa music from North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa, is also available

The audiovisual collection has been developed through both acquisitions and donations. The gift of films, slides and photographs from Mr Amirali Mamdani, (author of The Voyage of Destiny ), significantly enriched the collection. The IIS-ISMC Joint Library considers audiovisual materials an equally important and significant part of Muslim cultural and artistic heritage and is committed to the preservation and expansion of these collections.