Hamid al-Din Ahmad b. ‘Abd Allah al-Kirmani

Vol. 2 (al-juz’ al-thani)


The second part of a refutation of Kitab al-‘Uthmaniyya by Abu ‘Uthman ‘Amr b. Bahr al-Jahiz (d.255/869). In this work al-Kirmani defends the Fatimid claims to the imamateinfo-icon against the ‘Abbasid pretensions to the leadership of the Muslim

community. The central argument revolves around the proof of ‘Ali‘s superiority

over ‘Umar and ‘Uthman. Consistently with other extant manuscript copies of

this work, the first part of the treatise is missing here. Part two starts with section31 (of a total 64) of the third chapter, on the superiority of ‘Ali over the Prophet’s companions. Chapter four, in 16 sections, deals with the qualities of ‘Ali and AbuBakr. Chapter five focuses on ‘Ali‘s rights to the imamate and his appointment as Muhammad’s successor.


fl.5th/11th century
Friday Rabi‘ al-thani 1291/May 1874.

3 leaves (one blank), 234 pp., 2 leaves; 13 lines per page;

234 x 145/175 x 110 mm.; clear black naskhi; title and headings in red; marginal annotations and corrections, occasionally in a later hand.

Zahid Ali
Hamid al-Din Ahmad b. ‘Abd Allah al-Kirmani

Ma‘asim al-huda wa’l-isaba fi tafdil ‘Ali ‘ala al-sahaba

Arl, ZA

Cortese, [56/866]; Gacek,...


Fadl ‘Ali walad Mullainfo-icon Muhsin ‘Ali...