Ja‘far b. Mansur al-Yaman

An esoteric interpretation of stories of the prophets in the Qur’an, and the periods of prophethood from Adam to Muhammad and the Qa’im Muhammad b. Isma‘il. The Sara’ir is very likely an earlier version of another treatise by the same author called Asrar al-nutaqa’ [cat. no.13].


fl. 4th/10th century

2 leaves, 216 pp., one leaf; 14 lines per page; 190 x 135/

135 x 80 mm.; clear black naskhi; headings, punctuation and some annotations in red; many corrections, additions and annotations in the margins; worm-eaten throughout.

Zahid Ali
Ja‘far b. Mansur al-Yaman

Sara’ir al-nutaqa’

Arl, ZA

Gacek, IIS, vol.1 (no.138...