Pir Shams

Pirinfo-icon Shams’ ginans include a number which are in Punjabi. A community of followers in Punjab called Shamsis, hitherto practicing their faith in secret, came out as Ismailis only in the last century. Elsewhere a cycle of ginans called garbis, lyrics set to dance, commemorates Pir Shams’ conversion of Hindu villagers at Analvad, apparently in Gujarat, where he is said to have joined in their dance during the festival of navratri, and substituted his own words for theirs, thus weaning them of their beliefs.

Eka shabada suno mere bhai (Gujarati), attributed to Pir ShamsEka shabada suno mere bhai (Gujarati), attributed to Pir Shams

Eka shabada suno mere bhai
A ginaninfo-icon attributed to Pir Shams

From Mahan Ismaili Sant Pir Shams Rachit Ginanono Sangrah 2. Bombay, 1952. Also titled, as Collection of Ginans composed by the Great Ismaili Saint Pir Shams.
Ginan 33, p. 37

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