Sayyida Imam-Begum

Imaminfo-icon-Begum, the last in the line of the major composers of the ginans, and the only known female figure in this class, spent most of her life in or near Bombay, but is believed to have died in Karachi any time from the third quarter of the nineteenth century to the beginning of the twentieth. Like the Kadiwala Saiyads, to whose line she probably belonged, she seems to have been an interesting, even enigmatic character about whom, however, tantalisingly little is known. Imam-Begum composed a small number of ginans of great beauty, especially notable for their imploring tenderness and meditative intimacy. Evidently she was also an accomplished player of the fiddle (sarangi) and sang her hymns to the accompaniment of this instrument.

Marna hayre jarura
Attributed to Saiyada Imam-Begum