Theses Collection

The Library holds a growing collection of theses and dissertations, towards the development of an institutional repository of the research findings of students of both institutes, as well as to further enhance its general collections with unpublished materials. At present, the Library’s theses collection includes field reports of the Secondary Teacher Education Programme (STEP), dissertations of the MA in Muslim Cultures, as well as PhD theses from other universities.

STEP Dissertations

As part of their two year programme, STEP students are awarded two postgraduate degrees: a Master of Arts in Education and a Master of Teaching. While the students are required to submit dissertations for both qualifications, the Library only collects the reports submitted as part of the Master of Arts in Education.

The STEP MA reports are catalogued as soon as they are submitted to the library and can be searched on the online catalogue. The Library currently holds the reports for cohorts 1-5. These reports are not available for loan and are located on the lower ground floor.


·                     STEP 2009

·                     STEP 2010

·                     STEP 2011

·                     STEP 2012

·                     STEP 2013

ISMC Dissertations

A small collection of 25 dissertations from students of the MA in Muslim Cultures is now included in the holdings. These dissertations of the 2012 and 2013 cohorts are catalogued and available to consult. Previous cohort’s dissertations are being procured for future use. Dissertations are eligible for photocopy and/or scanning in compliance with UK copyright legislation and AKU-ISMC policy. Should you wish to photocopy a dissertation in full, a written permission from the author will be required.

Theses from Other Universities

The Library actively acquires theses from other universities, mostly using the ProQuest Thesis/Dissertation Service, on topics relevant to Ismaili studies as well as selected theses on broader Islamic studies recommended by scholars/researchers of the IIS and the AKU-ISMC. Apart from selected titles labelled as “Library Use Only” most of the theses in this category are available for borrowing. Currently, this theses collection is amalgamated with the general collection and can be searched on the Library catalogue.