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Expressions of the Pamir: Sample of Tajik Songs

7th July 2002

Below are MP3 extracts of selected tracks from the forthcoming CD Expressions of the Pamir: Music and Song which accompanied the multi-dimensional cultural programme presenting the heritage, arts, culture, history, aspirations and everyday life of the Ismaili Muslims of Tajikistan. The exhibition and musical concert toured twelve cities in North America in 1999, and is scheduled to tour Europe in 2001.

Expressions of the Pamir: Music and Song

01 Badakshan - [RealPlayer: 182KB / MP3: 530KB]

This song is in praise of the unique nature, climate and the landscape of Badakshan, as well as its beautiful ladies who are compared to the rubies of Badakshan.

02 Setar’s Melody - [RealPlayer: 182KB / MP3: 530KB]

A folk melody featuring the setar, flute, labchang and doira.

03 Shah Karim – khori umumi - [RealPlayer: 94KB / MP3: 530KB]

This ‘mukhamas’ (‘quintet’) has been written by Juma Siyaev, aged 85 years, from the village of Vanj. It is in praise of the present Imam of the Ismaili Muslims and the descendants of Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him).

04 Rubobchi-dukhtaron - [RealPlayer: 182KB / MP3: 530KB]

This is a song in praise of the beloved by the lover who, intoxicated by love, beseeches him to look at her.

05 Sekinak - [RealPlayer: 94KB / MP3: 530KB]

A playful market song.

06 Sezarb - [RealPlayer: 182KB / MP3: 530KB]

A three movement folk melody.

07 Ya Ali Madad - [RealPlayer: 182KB / MP3: 530KB]

A song in praise of Ali, the first Shi’i imaminfo-icon.