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IIS announces 2006 PhD Scholarship Awards

11th May 2008

Former recipients of the PhD Scholarships have shared interests in the study of Islam and Muslim societies, within the disciplines of Philosophy, Education, Anthropology, Art and Law. This year Abdulmamad Iloliev completed his doctoral studies from The University of Cambridge with a thesis entitled Poetic Expression of Pamiri Isma’ilism: The Life and Thought of Mubarak-i Wakhani, A Nineteenth Century Mystic Poet and Religious Scholar. He has joined the IIS as the Professional Teacher Educators' Programme (PTEP) Officer with the Department of Education.

Wafi Momin, an alumnus of the Institute's Graduate Programme in Islamic Studies and Humanities, is undertaking his doctoral work at The Department of South Asian Languages & Civilisations at The University of Chicago. His research will look at the origins and development of Satpanth Ismaili communities in South Asia.

Shiraz Hajiani is conducting his doctoral work at The Department of Islamic Studies and Anthropology at The University of Chicago. His research will concentrate on post-Prophetic notions of authority in Islam, with a particular focus on the concept of Imamatinfo-icon in the Nizari Ismaili tradition.

For more information on the Doctoral Scholarships offered by the IIS and its previous recipients, please visit the Doctoral Scholarship Programme page of the website.