Quranic Studies: Publications

The Institute, through the Qur'anic Studies Unit, publishes the Qur’anic Studies Series in association with Oxford University Press. The Qur’aninfo-icon has been an inexhaustible source of intellectual and spiritual reflection throughout Islamic history, giving rise to ever-proliferating commentaries and interpretations. Many of these have remained accessible only to specialists due to their intellectually demanding nature. Others, more widely read, remain un-translated from the primary language of their composition. This series aims to make some of these materials from a broad chronological range available to a wider readership through translation and publication in English.

The series contains a range of publications including:


  • An Anthology of Qur’anic Commentaries

  • Translations and editions of classical texts with accompanying contextual introductions

  • Monographs and studies of particular authors or themes

  • Regional Approaches to the Qur’an, each volume consisting of a series of edited contributions focusing on the different aspects of the use and interpretation of the Qur’an in given regions of the Muslim world.

Throughout this series, the aims are to allow the materials to speak for themselves and to place on record the rich diversity and plurality of approaches and opinions which have been applied to the Qur’an throughout history. The breadth of this range is instructive in itself. Much is to be gained by a simple appreciation of the enormous wealth of intellectual effort that has been devoted to the Qur’an from the earliest times. It is hoped that, through this objective, this series will prove of use to scholars and students in Qur’anic studies as well as other allied and relevant fields.

If you wish to access a reading list compiled by the Qur'anic Studies Unit, please click here.

List of Publications:

Karen Bauer, OUP and IIS (2013).

Martin Nguyen, OUP and IIS (2012).

Travis Zadeh, OUP and IIS (2012).

Keys to the Arcana: Shahrastani’s Esoteric Commentary on the Qur’an

Toby Mayer, Editor and Translator, (2009).

Feras Hamza and Sajjad Rizvi, Editors, with Farhana Mayer, (2008; Paperback 2010).

Fahmida Suleman, Editor, (2007; Paperback 2010).

Abdullah Saeed, Editor, (2005).

Suha Taji-Farouki, Editor, (2004; Paperback 2006).