Can I borrow, renew or return items for somebody else?


We strictly recommend you to keep track of your library account yourself and not to give items you have borrowed to somebody else, since everything issued to your library card will be your responsibility. In case of illness or difficult circumstances you can ask a friend or colleague to return your books or to renew them at the issue desk for you. Please note, however, that responsibility for anything on your account is still with you. 

Can I keep books while I’m travelling?


If you are travelling abroad, please make sure to return all your library materials before you leave. This is to help you avoiding overdue fines and to avoid loss of or damage to library materials. Please be aware that should you choose not to return your books beforetravelling and face difficulties in checking your email or library account during your journey, you will be responsible for accrued overdue fines.

What should I do if I can’t return or renew my books due to illness or severe circumstances?


If you cannot renew or return your books due to prolonged illness or other aggravating circumstances, please let a member of staff know when reasonably possible or speak to the librarian of either institute upon your return.

What should I do if I don’t know how to renew my books?


If you experience difficulties renewing your books online or have never done it before, you can ask our staff for assistance or contact them by phone or email. However, please make sure you do leave a message before any materials on your account become overdue,as otherwise you will be responsible for accrued overdue fines. 


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