Aslisho Qurboniev received his specialist diploma in Oriental Studies at Khorog State University.

After completing GPISH (2012), Aslisho went on to do a Master of Philosophy in Oriental Studies at the University of Oxford (2012-2014) with a dissertation on ‘The Living Imaminfo-icon: Religious and Political Authority in al-Shahrastānī’s Thought. His thesis examined al-Shahrastānī position on the question of political and religious authority and argued that al-Shahrastānī’s position reconciled a dual commitment to both the ahl al-sunnainfo-icon wa’l jamāʿa and the ahl al-baytinfo-icon.

Aslisho was awarded the 2015 IIS Doctoral Scholarship to pursue a PhD in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Cambridge. His thesis, provisionally entitled ‘The Organisation of Learning and Knowledge Transmission in Egypt and Ifrīqiyya under the Fāṯimids: Institutions, Patronage, Networks and Practices’ will explore the organisation and formalisation of learning practices and knowledge transmission in the pre-madrasa period (900-1100) in North Africa.

Previously, Aslisho worked as an Intern within the Shi’i Studies Unit.