Dominique-Sila Khan obtained her first doctorate in literature and another in anthropology, both from the Sorbonne University, Paris.  She lives in Jaipur, India, where she is currently working as an independent researcher, associated with the Institute of Rajasthan Studies.  She specialises in the study of Hindu-Muslim interactions in South Asia, particularly the study of obscure branches of Nizari Ismailis in India.

Her first book, Conversions and Shifting Identities: Ramdev Pirinfo-icon and the Ismailis in Rajasthan, was published in 1997.  She has contributed a number of articles to various periodicals and collective volumes in India and elsewhere. Her most recent publication, Crossing the Threshold: Understanding Religious Identities in South Asia, (2004) seeks to explore the important issue of religious identities in South Asia, with particular reference to north India.