A leading German scholar of Islamic Studies and a specialist in Ismaili studies, Heinz Halm is Professor of Islamic Studies at the University of T?bingen. He is the author of numerous works on Islam, Shi‘isminfo-icon and Ismailism, including Kosmologie und Heilslehre der fr?hen Ismailiya (Wiesbaden, 1978); Das Reich des Mahdiinfo-icon: Der Aufstieg der Fatimiden (Munich, 1991), Eng. trans. The Empire of the Mahdi: The Rise of the Fatimidsinfo-icon (Leiden, 1996); and Die Schia (Darmstast, 1988), Eng. trans.Shi‘ism (Edinburgh, 1991). Professor Halm is the editor of Die Welt des Orients and his shorter studies have appeared in the Encyclopaedia of IslamEncyclopaedia Iranica and in learned journals.