Dr Dhalla received his PhD in Social Anthropology from Harvard University in 2000 and a Law degree from the University of Oxford in 1998. Dr Dhalla's field of expertise centres on issues related to the political and legal protection of minorities, development issues, international law and diplomacy, constitutional law and issues of ethnic and religious identity in contexts of multiculturalism and religious pluralism. He also received an MA in Social Anthropology from Harvard University and a BS in Foreign Service (concentrating in the Humanities and International Affairs) from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service in Washington, DC. Since joining The Institute of Ismaili Studies in September 2000, where he was based in the Director's Office, Dr Dhalla has worked on a variety of issues and projects for the Institute and for the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) in several countries, including Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Syria. He has also carried out fieldwork in South Africa, East Africa, and India.