Dr. Nourmamadcho Nourmamadchoev is a research and administrative assistant in the Ismaili Special Collections Unit at the IIS. Dr. Nourmamdcho obtained his BA degree in Oriental Studies specialising in Arabic and Persian Languages and Literature from Khorog State University, Tajikistan. He taught Arabic language and theories of translation at Khorog State University and worked as a researcher at the Institute of Humanities in Khorog (Tajikistan). In 2002, he was one of the Khorog English Programme graduates to be enrolled into the Graduate Programme in Islamic Studies and Humanities at the IIS.

Dr. Nourmamadcho holds an MPhil in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies from Cambridge University and a PhD in History from School of Oriental and African Studies. His Doctoral thesis is an in-depth study of the history of Badakhshan entitled “The Ismāīlīs of Badakhshan: History, Politics and Religion from 1500 to 1750” which was supervised by Dr. Konrad Hirschler.