Dr Ali Qutbuddin was a Visiting Research Fellow at the IIS working on a monograph entitled Reason and Revelation in al-Mu'ayyad's Majalis Muayyadiyya until March 2010. Al-Mu'ayyad (996/7-1078) was the Chief Dai of the Fatimid Caliph-Imam in Cairo al-Mustansir. The Majalis Mu'ayyadiyya is an eight volume collection of 800 lectures which al-Mu'ayyad composed for delivery to select audiences in the royal palace in Cairo. Dr Qutbuddin received his Ph.D. at the University of Manchester in Fatimid law, with his dissertation on its sources, and its application in the Dawoodi Bohra community today, examining specific case studies.

He received a full University and ORS scholarship award for his studies from 1996 - 2000. Prior to this, Dr Qutbuddin studied for his BA at the American University in Cairo and his MA from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. He has also lectured on Fatimid law, literature, history and philosophy to students in the Arabic Academy in Mumbai since 1998.

Dr Qutbuddin has also lectured in conferences in Cambridge, Birmingham, the US, and Jordan. Dr Qutbuddin has been involved in many other activities at the IIS. He delivered a lecture on Fatimid law in Mr Mohammad Keshavjee's 2nd year course. He also delivered a lecture on 'Wa'az in the Dawoodi Bohra community today' to wa'azeen during their workshop at the IIS. He is reviewing a Ph.D. thesis in DARP and has submitted an article to the Encyclopedia Iranica on Khawj bin Malak. Dr Qutbuddin also gave tutorial in Advanced Arabic in the Graduate Studies Programme, 2004-5.