Dr Christie Johnson
GPISH Programme Leader


As Programme Leader for the Graduate Programme in Islamic Studies and Humanities, which recently launched a revised curriculum, Christie is responsible for day-to-day operational aspects of the Programme, including curriculum and assessment, and is integrally involved in the planning and design of the academic programme, admissions and recruitment of lecturers. He is the first point of contact for students on academic matters and is on hand for student consultation.​

Christie has worked in the field of education in various contexts, including the National Gallery, SOAS University of London, and the University of Cambridge, where he lectured on the Arabic verbal arts and formative Islamic history. This was following his doctorate at SOAS, where he studied the Arabic verbal arts and authorship with reference to Abu l-Faraj al-Isfahani’s (d. c. 967) Book of Songs. He has extensive experience of designing and delivering curricula and assessments, and joined the Institute after working in the assessment projects group of the University of Cambridge’s assessment department, where he contributed to an ongoing bilingual educational reform project in Egypt. Among his responsibilities were the management of curricula and assessments delivered in Arabic in the Humanities and Social Sciences in addition to a capacity-building programme for Egyptian schools.​