Mr. Rahim Gholami
Research Assistant


Rahim Gholami was born in Mashhad, where he completed his secondary education. In 1989 he graduated with a diploma in Experimental Sciences. In 1995 he obtained his BA in English Translation from Azad University. From 1995 to 1999 Rahim worked as a freelance translator and a part-time English teacher.

In 1999 he joined the Graduate Programme in Islamic Studies and Humanities (GPISH) at the Institute. In July 2001 he graduated from the IIS with a postgraduate diploma in Islamic Studies and Humanities. Shortly afterwards, in September 2001 he joined the Translation Studies Graduate Programme at the University of Edinburgh. The following year, Rahim Gholami graduated with a MSc in Translation Studies. The title of his MSc dissertation is: “Translating Genre & the Discourses of Shams”. After graduating from Edinburgh University, he was employed by the IIS in January 2003 as a Translator and later as an Editorial Researcher to work with the Encyclopaedia Islamica Unit within the Department of Academic Research and Publication.

In his role as Editorial Researcher he conducts in-depth research into the whole range of concepts and personalities covered by the Encyclopaedia, as well as translating articles in areas as diverse as theology and cosmology, science and art, law and mysticism, history and geography. In addition to this work, Rahim also translates texts for the Department of Academic Research and Publications. At present, he is translating into Persian Spiritual Quest: Reflections on Qur’anic Prayer according to the teachings of Imam ‘Ali, by Reza Shah-Kazemi.

Mr Gholami is interested in the study and translation of theological, metaphysical and mystical discourse in general, and Islamic gnosis (‘irfan) in particular.