Zarah Bennett
Quality Assurance Officer


Zarah Bennett joined the Quality Assurance and Evaluation Unit in January 2017 to focus on preparing the QAA Annual Return and monitoring visit. She has worked on producing a new Student Representative Handbook in conjunction with the Department of Graduate Studies and the Department of Communications and Development, and is currently focused on reviewing various policies, regulations and internal communications.


Zarah’s most recent position was at City University in the role of Department Manager for Music, Journalism and English in the School of Arts and Social Sciences. She was responsible for the day to day running of the departments, including committee management, events, human resources and finance. Prior to that she worked at Transport for London as a Consultant Analyst concentrating on major consultations, such as, the Camden Station consultation, analysing large data sets and producing reports for stakeholders, including the Department of Transport and the London Mayor’s Office.

She has also held the position of Quality Enhancement Officer (Research Degrees) at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, where she ran several projects including an overhaul of the Student Handbook, and a new collaboration between the University of Singapore and the School.

Zarah has a BA in English from Queen Mary and Westfield College.