STEP Student Testimonials

Students of the Secondary Teacher Education Programme (STEP) share their thoughts about the course, and about studying at the Institute of Ismaili Studies.





Saleeta Rajwani (United States)

"Our programme allows us to teach both in the UK – in mainstream schools but, also in BAIs (Baitul Ilms, or Religious Education Centres) here in the UK, which has been really interesting, because I go from teaching capital punishment in UK mainstream schools to teaching faith and practice in BAI. So it gives you a diverse opportunity to learn how to teach different topics, which then ultimately improves your teaching practice."








Rafiq Rayani (Pakistan)


"So one of the highlights of the programme is definitely the world class faculty, which is immensely experienced and reputable. At the Institute of Ismaili Studies we have faculty ranging from McGill to Cambridge, from Princeton to Oxford. And at the University College London we have seasoned practitioners who have years of experience teaching in mainstream schools."










Hameeda Ilyas (Pakistan)

"If you have passion for kids and adolescents and you love teaching, this is the programme that is great for you. And apart from that, when you come here, make sure that you enjoy the journey and don't get stressed out with studies. Although studies are important, on the other hand the school journey is worth enjoying!"











Faiza Ali (Pakistan)

"If you are passionate about teaching, and if you are passionate about studying religion and Islam in particular, then STEP is the programme for you. It not only offers you only two degrees, one from SOAS and one from UCL but, it offers you a lot of diverse experiences that you will get to know, and you will learn from every step. Just trust in yourself, go for it! You can do it!"





Suleman Pirani (Pakistan)

"This programme is one hundred percent covered by the IIS, and it’s a full scholarship for the students and covers all expenses including travel expenses, living expenses and our tuition fees. And to be honest it’s really helpful to us as students, because it’s really difficult if someone is working at the same time as studying. That allows us to think beyond the curriculum as well, we can get involved in some of the social activities; enjoy London and enjoy the other academic activities."







Zara Syed (Pakistan)

"The Aga Khaninfo-icon Centre building in Kings Cross stands out among other buildings because of its beautiful white colour. And as you enter into the building you see this beautiful art piece on which the names of Allah, Muhammad and Ali are inscribed, and you get to know that this is an Islamic building. And as you go further ahead, you see a rhapsody of colour, another art piece which goes all the way up to the ninth floor. And this piece shows you that this community is diverse in itself."