февраля 2020

27 февраля 2020

The latest publication in the popular Muslim Heritage Series, The Shari‘ainfo-icon: History, Ethics and Law, edited by Dr Amyn B. Sajoo, has been recognised for its academic contribution to the contemporary discourse on Shari‘a by the American Library Association’s journal, Choice.

12 февраля 2020

Intellectual Interactions in the Islamic World: The Ismaili Thread, edited by Dr Orkhan Mir-Kasimov seeks to focus not only on the complex body of Islamic civilisations, but on the interactions and the links between different groups, in an attempt to better understand the whole. 

10 февраля 2020

Read this article to explore how a range 'terms' and 'chapters' in the Qur’aninfo-icon that evoke emotions can be studied in the light of contemporary cultural and scientific frameworks on understanding 'emotion'.

5 февраля 2020

The passing of Raficq Abdulla, a leading Muslim thinker, on 19 December 2019 is a loss that will be felt by many in light of his seminal contributions to a number of civil society institutions in the United Kingdom.