• A Companion to Muslim Ethics

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    How is one to judge right from wrong— and what does this mean in the practical life of the individual and the community to which she/he belongs? Much of the Qur’aninfo-icon and the rich traditions linked to it are about these questions. Schools of law, philosophy and theology in classical Islam grappled mightily with them. In our time, the challenges of modernity have plenty to do with the answers we offer.

    This second volume in the Muslim Heritage Series is about the roots of Islam’s ethical framework – and how its teachings have branched out in the cultural, political, intellectual and religious lives of Muslims, past and present. If faith-inspired ethics are to govern all of one’s life, guiding values must constantly be interpreted to reach a practical result. Does this make ethics into laws that bind in the name of a community of virtue? Where would that leave one’s choice on how to live the good life?

    Muslims – like people in a variety of faith traditions – wrestle daily with these issues. After all, the Qur’an itself expects nothing less, in calling on ‘those possessed of minds’ to strive for belief with a social conscience.

    A Companion to Muslim Ethics journeys into Islam’s conception of the good, shared with other great traditions — and the ways in which its teachings find expression. Leading experts look at gender equality, ecology, nonviolence, dispute resolution, health and finance as much as the traditions of art, narrative and intellectual debate. This book will appeal to all those interested in how reason, faith and circumstances shape moral choices in an increasingly globalised world.

    Charles Butterworth
    Abdallah Daar
    Ramin Jahanbegloo
    Zayn Kassam
    Mohamed Keshavjee
    Seyyed Hossein Nasr
    Eric Ormsby
    Amyn B. Sajoo
    Reza Shah-Kazemi
    Fahmida Suleman
    Ronald Wilson

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    1. Introduction: Roots and Branches
    Amyn B. Sajoo 1
    2. Early Thought
    Charles Butterworth 31
    3. Literature
    Eric Ormsby 53
    4. Ecology
    Seyyed Hossein Nasr 79
    5. Art
    Fahmida Suleman 91
    6. Gender
    Zayn Kassam 105
    7. Health Care
    Abdallah S. Daar and Ahmed Al-Khitamy 119
    8. Economy
    Rodney J. Wilson 131
    9. Dispute Resolution
    Mohamed Keshavjee 151
    10. Tolerance
    Reza Shah-Kazemi 167
    11. Nonviolence
    Ramin Jahanbegloo 187

    Index 201
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