Quranic Studies Series

The Institute, through the Qur'anic Studies Unit, publishes the Qur’anic Studies Series in association with Oxford University Press. The Holy Qur’aninfo-icon has been an inexhaustible source of intellectual and spiritual reflection throughout Islamic history, giving rise to ever-proliferating commentaries and interpretations. Many of these have remained accessible only to specialists due to their intellectually demanding nature. Others, more widely read, remain un-translated from the primary language of their composition. This series aims to make some of these materials from a broad chronological range available to a wider readership through translation and publication in English.

Latest Publication

  • Building on the success of Anthology, Volume I: On the Nature of the Divine , this second volume in the series focuses on a critical and contentious theme: Women in the Qurʾan and traditional Qurʾanic commentaries. It comprises analysis of the female subject in the Qurʾan, annotated translations of Qurʾanic commentaries spanning 12 centuries, interviews of contemporary Muslim scholars and extensive introductory materials, which frame the work throughout and render these technically complex materials accessible to the reader. On Women begins with a critical introduction to the study of women...