Educational Evaluation


Educational Evaluation

Course dates:
1 - 15 September 2021
Application deadline:
18 July 2021
Programme fees:
Course director:
Dr Laila Kadiwal

About the course

Educational programmes comprise a series of components and processes designed to achieve specific aims in a particular context. How well are these processes defined? What tools are required to monitor the progress and efficacy of educational processes? What are some of the important paradigms and frameworks that could help educators implement effective evaluation strategies? These are some of the important questions that this short online course will aim to address.

This course is designed for individuals in the field of education, including religious education, where they are required to develop tools to evaluate the efficacy of educational initiatives. The course will provide an overview of the principles of educational evaluation and discuss critical issues in designing educational assessment. Special attention will be paid to designing and implementing educational evaluation within Ismaili religious education contexts. Through a combination of lectures, workshops and mock evaluation exercises, course participants will develop a basic understanding of current research in the field of educational evaluation, key evaluation techniques and frameworks, concepts of reliability and validity, and ways to effectively convey evaluation findings to stakeholders. At the end of the course, participants will be expected to develop a small-scale pilot evaluation tool to measure the impact of an educational endeavour implemented in their contexts.


Aims of the programme

  • Discuss various theories of educational evaluation and introduce participants to the latest research in this area;
  • Provide an overview of factors that influence evaluation processes and implementation strategies.
  • Familiarise participants with key components of effective evaluation to facilitate accountability and measurement of learning;
  • Create an appreciation for the concepts of validity and reliability in the context of educational evaluation;
  • Introduce evaluation methods and tools that can be deployed for assessment of learning in religious education contexts.


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