Shari‘a: Development of Fiqh and Ethics in Muslim Contexts

Please note: since this video was filmed, Dr Keshavjee has retired from the IIS Board of Governors.

Shari’a: Development of Fiqhinfo-icon and Ethics in Muslim Contexts

Course dates:
9 May – 27 May 2022
Application deadline:
28 February 2022
Programme fees:
Course director:
Dr Mohamed Keshavjee

About the course

This online interactive course is designed for individuals in leadership roles within Jamati and Imamatinfo-icon institutions, educators, professionals and others interested in learning about this theme. The course will provide an understanding on how what has come to be called shari‘ainfo-icon developed and evolved in Muslim history. Taught by specialists from different schools of thought in Islam, the online course will focus on contemporary manifestations and interpretations of shari‘a through an analysis of case studies. It will provide a perspective to show that what is understood as shari‘a is not an exclusive marker of Muslim identity nor an ubiquitous symbol of Islam at the cost of other aspects of the faith. Special emphasis will be placed on Shi‘i approaches to law and, more particularly, on Ismaili approaches to shari‘a under the guidance of a living hereditary Imaminfo-icon. The course will also encourage a discussion on various approaches to ethics and its relationship to shari‘a as Muslims, like others, confront new issues in the present globalised world.

Aims of the programme

  • Engender an understanding of the many meanings of the term shari‘a and how this notion has evolved historically in Muslim societies in all its diverse manifestations and interpretations.
  • Introduce participants to Shi‘i approaches to law and the role of the Imam in the development of Shi‘i fiqh (jurisprudence).
  • Explore contemporary debates on shari‘a in the context of the call for its return, and Muslim responses to the challenges of modernity.
  • Show how ethical ideals have always underpinned shari‘a discourse.


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