Trends in Education about Islam: Opportunities and Challenges


Trends in Education about Islam: Opportunities and Challenges

Course dates:
2 - 13 August 2021
Application deadline:
18 April 2021
Programme fees:
Course director:
Mr Riaz Rhemtulla

About the course

How is Islam portrayed as a secular school subject and included within subjects like history that students study at school? What are some of the tensions and synergies that emerge when Ismaili students study Islam in their secular schools which often have a different perspective from the one that they study via IIS curricula? These are some of the questions that this online course will seek to address. It will bring participants from diverse backgrounds together to investigate the varied responses and approaches that Muslim societies have developed to the study and teaching of Islam. The course will also explore how the Ismaili community, particularly the IIS, has situated primary and secondary religious education curricula.  Drawing on recent research undertaken by the Department of Curriculum Studies at the IIS and MA research that STEP teachers have undertaken, the course will culminate with an exploration of the experiences of Ismaili youth of the study of Islam via the IIS curriculum and as part of their secular school curricula for Islamiyat, History and Civic Education. Course participants will be required to undertake a wide range of readings on education, postcolonial theories in analysing regional and national case studies, draw upon their own experiences, and contribute actively to the discussions.


Aims of the programme

  • Develop insights into historical and contemporary factors giving rise to challenges related to Religious Education (R.E.) in Muslim societies and in diasporic contexts.
  • Assess policies and responses advanced to address dilemmas in education about Islam.
  • Examine the ways in which Islam (Islamiyat) or religious education (Diniyat) is conceived in primary and secondary school curricula in Muslim contexts.
  • Situate the R.E. programmes of the IIS primary and secondary curricula within the above context and explore how they respond to the larger debates on education about Islam.
  • Explore the diverse ways in which Ismaili youth mediate the tensions and synergies that they encounter between the IIS curricula and their local Islamiyat, Civic Education or History curricula in which Islam is covered.


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