About the course

Programme fees: £750 

This five-day course offers a unique opportunity to learn about Ismaili traditions that encompass a diversity of communities, languages, cultures, and practices. Participants will be exposed to the current scholarship on Ismailis in different parts of the world to highlight the key figures, modern developments, and contexts that have shaped Ismaili traditions to the present day. Faculty members from diverse Ismaili contexts will explore different ways of thinking about Ismaili traditions in a globalised world in order to illustrate how these traditions have evolved and been reinterpreted over time. Central to this course is understanding the role that Ismaili communities and key figures of authority have played in shaping their traditions within the dynamic environments of their societies. Participants will therefore be able to appreciate, discuss and develop new perspectives about the issues faced by Ismaili communities and Imamat institutions of anchoring Ismaili traditions in contemporary contexts.

Laila Halani

Head of Graduate Studies

Dr Laila Halani has oversight of all the functions of the department. She oversees all academic aspects of both the GPISH and STEP programmes which include: planning the curriculum; the selection of course modules, lecturers and students; and academic guidance and support of students. Dr Halani further has strategic input in all other aspects of the programme, providing guidance and direction to Student Services with regards to marketing, recruitment, career seminars and graduation.